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  Sanitary sewage handling equipment
  Medical regect handling equipment
  Padding, Aeration Series
  Sewage filtration, treating plant
  Adds the medicine, the mix, to stir the equipment
  Blows the putty, to cast aside the dregs, bi the water equipment
  Blocks the dirt,to eliminate the granulated substance, the conveyor
  Solid liquid splitter equipment
  Air Floatation equipment
  Complete sewage treatment technical process
Tel:0536-6056168 6116888
Add:Delisi The middle road, Zhucheng City,Shandong,China
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  Zhucheng Jinlong Machinery Manufacturing Co。 Ltd。, is a professional manufacturer of pulp and paper machinery and sewage treatment equipment high-tech enterprises。Leading products, including four main serial products which are pulping, filtering, paper making and sewage treatment equipments consisting of dozens of varieties。

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TEL:+86-536-6056168 6116888 Mobile:(+86)13853617312   FAX:+86-536-6081808
ADD:Delisi The middle road,Zhucheng City,Shandong,China Support:

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